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Dimitar BazotevCompetitor and Fitness / Bodybuilding Trainer

In 2007 he graduated with honours from National Sports Academy in Sofia as “Fitness Instructor”.

In 2009 he won 1st place in a photo competition in "Muscle and Fitness" magazine. 

In 2010, during the qualifications for the Balkan Championships in Sofia, Dimitar won 2nd place. The event at the Winter Palace was attended by the 8-time "Mr Olympia" Ronnie Coleman.

In 2012 Dimitar competed in the National Championship in Stara Zagora (a qualification for The World Cup) in classic bodybuilding and took 6th place under extremely tough competition of 13 elite athletes.

In 2014 he won a silver medal in classic bodybuilding during the qualifications for The Balkan and European championships, competing among 12 highly-trained athletes. Two weeks after that, in Vienna, Austria, among bodybuilders from all over the world, he occupied the prestigious 3rd place in the open (for competitors from around the world) tournament - Cup of Austria.

 In 2016, after an outrageous ruling, he won a bronze medal during the qualifications for The Balkan and European championships in Plovdiv. 

Later on this year, he took part in The European Championship in classic bodybuilding WBPF, which took place in Budapest, Hungary. 


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